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What is a Zendesk?

We provide companies with tools to help empower customer service agents and sales teams to do their jobs。
What is Zendesk?

Companies that use Zendesk

What Zendesk does?

More than 100,000 companies are using Zendesk to make the customer experience better。 Zendesk offers a complete customer service solution that is easy to use and flexible enough to be tailored to your business needs。 Customer service is not just about the customer, it's also about your business and your team。 Zendesk doesn't just simplify the process for your clients, it also prepares your team for success and keeps your business in sync。 Give you everything you want at once。


Zendesk: Customer service leader

Every company, regardless of size, industry or goal, should be able to deliver exceptional and innovative customer experiences。 Zendesk serves more than 100,000 customers in a variety of industries in more than 30 languages。

How to use Zendesk?

  • Zendesk offers a complete customer service solution that is easy to use and flexible enough to be tailored to your business needs。 Learn more about Zendesk for Service The information of。
  • Zendesk Sales CRM helps Sales teams improve productivity and process and pipeline visibility。 Learn more about Zendesk for SalesThe information of。

The world's most successful companies understand the importance of a superior customer experience。 At Zendesk, we believe that every great customer relationship is the result of a seamless customer experience。 So we started this software company to design solutions that enhance customer relationships。

Successful companies also understand that technology/software should help you adapt to the needs of today's society。 Our mission is to democratize customer service software and make it easy to try, buy, and use, so Zendesk is an open and flexible platform that is fast to set up and fully personalized。 With Zendesk, companies of all sizes in all industries can make it easier for customers to do business。 Our solutions help prepare your team for success and keep your business in sync。 The result: A better, less stressful experience for everyone。

100,000+ Name the customer

5,000+ 1 global employee

160 Customer's country and region

Enhance customer service

Get more insights and best practices from our extensive customer experience database。

ROI computer

Learn how to benefit from our ROI computers to provide better customer service。

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Make the customer experience more attractive

Review the customer experience trend report to compare your company's business development with that of your peers。

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Improve skills

Customer service is critical to business success。 However, there are different opinions on how to do customer service well。

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