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Our team can provide the effective combination of extensive customer service expertise and deep product knowledge to help you deliver a customer experience that stands out from the crowd。Whether it's strategic initiatives or alway services, we make sure you're taking advantage of Zendesk's best value。

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Precious treasure

Take pride in your product knowledge。Whether you are just getting started or are already certified, we have resources to upgrade your skills。


A course to help you get the most out of Zendesk。


Prove that you have reached Zendesk certified professional standards。


Learning style


Through optional courses and lector-led classes, it is easy to study at your desk。

The entity class

Join a live, classroom-style event hosted by our team of experts in a city near you。


Customize the curriculum according to the unique needs of the team。

A certification

Use Zendesk certification to win。You'll get a certified Support Administrator or App developer badge that you can use on your LinkedIn, business card, or resume。

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"The Zendesk certification exam provides a great opportunity to self-diagnose and identify product aspects to focus on to ensure that features are fully utilized and our support processes are optimized。」

- Jeremy Flanagan
Director of Instacart customer operations project tools

There's something for everyone

No matter what role you are in, we can provide the right training courses to help you improve your skills and develop your career。

The administrator

Make sure you're on top of your game with Zendesk's complete anatomy。


Let new agents get started quickly and efficiently in multiple channels through our online courses。


Know how to use our API, app and SDK to extend the platform。

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