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Our team can provide the effective combination of extensive customer service expertise and deep product knowledge to help you deliver a customer experience that stands out from the crowd。Whether it's strategic initiatives or alway services, we make sure you're taking advantage of Zendesk's best value。

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Zendesk is easy to use, but it can be difficult to provide a customer experience that truly stands out。

We have the expertise to be an extension of your team to ensure our solutions can have a strategic impact on your business。We will work together to provide a smooth experience for your customers。

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After understanding your customer service needs, we will help you get started and then continue to optimize and develop together with you。

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Learn how to get the most out of Zendesk through webinars, online training events, and even custom training tailored to you。

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Our customer service team is here to help you resolve your problems and ensure that your customer service organization is running well。

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Our customer service team CSAT is 95%, and as a Zendesk customer, you will have full access to its services。Understand why Gartner named us as the customer interaction Center leader。
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Zendesk is a company that does what it says。他們深信關係是企業的關鍵所在……他們是我們最密切的partners之一,也是一個真正在尋找方法改善產品和關係的partners。」
-- Dennis Wang, co-CEO and co-founder of EasyTaxi
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