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Excellent customer service to customer satisfaction, and then promote the continuous growth of business。 Exceeding customer expectations is one of the best ways to continuously satisfy customers。 We've assembled a data science team specifically designed to help Zendesk customers drive profitable models and provide insight to help you lucky enough to realize your vision。

Take the lead

Zendesk benchmarks allow companies to measure customer support performance among their peers。 Think of it as a gentleman's fight。 This is not a survey or expert opinion, but a single best data index based on 90,000 Zendesk customers' actual customer support interactions。

Based on the following sources:






Customer service commissioner,



Check the current status of your organization

It's simple. You just pick a country and immediately see how your company's performance compares to that of your peers。

Know the hot Trends

While 70 percent of organizations have seen a direct correlation between customer service and operational performance, only 60 percent of customers consistently said that last year's pandemic led to a significant increase in service standards。 The move creates more jobs and opportunities for companies to tap into potentially lucrative areas of customer service。

The 2022 Customer Experience Trends Report is based on data from 97,500 Zendesk customers。 This report provides you with confident, clear and appropriate insight to help you use customer service to drive growth。

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